Baseball Database Queries with SQL and dplyr
Baseball Database Queries with SQL and dplyr

Description :
In this course, we explain the relationship between SQL and the R package dplyr. I will show you how you can question a baseball database with SQL in Microsoft Access and then show you the way to do the exact same thing with dplyr in R. We will start with simple queries, advancement to aggregation and grouping, and conclude with questions involving joins. By the end of the course, you need to have the ability to use dplyr to explore your own data collections.
At a pace that is relaxed, it should take about 3 weeks to finish the program. The training course is for beginners in SQL, R, and dplyr. You also do not need to understand very much about baseball. We will be using R, the Lahman Baseball Database, dplyr, and Microsoft Access. I will show you how to set up everything.
Who this course is for:
  • This course is for beginners who would like to learn about SQL and/or dplyr.
  • This course is for beginners interested in baseball analytics.
  • This course is NOT for those with extensive knowledge of both SQL and dplyr.
  • Students will need to have R and RStudio installed on their own computers. (I will cover how to do this.)
  • It will be best if students also have Microsoft Access, but this is not absolutely necessary.
What you’ll learn
  • download the Lahman baseball database for Access
  • install dplyr and the Lahman baseball database package in R
  • select, filter, and order with SQL and dplyr
  • group and aggregate with SQL and dplyr
  • perform inner joins with SQL and dplyr

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