White Belt course exclusively designed for professionals who work in service industries (any non-manufacturing sector).

Lean Six Sigma White Belt for Service Industry Professionals
Lean Six Sigma White Belt for Service Industry Professionals

What you'll learn:

  1. Simplified explanations of key concepts of Lean Six Sigma practical examples designed exclusively for a service industry.
  2. What is Lean, and what is Lean Six Sigma?
  3. Lean Six Sigma improvement approach
  4. What is Six Sigma?
  5. Evolution of Six Sigma
  6. Examples of Six Sigma levels
  7. Lean Six Sigma versus other Quality models
  8. Where can we apply Lean Six Sigma in organizations?
  9. Benefits and the power of Lean Six Sigma for organizations
  10. Benefits of Lean Six Sigma to your career

Anybody can take this Lean Six Sigma White Belt course. All you need is a computer or mobile device to begin.
Lean Six Sigma Certification is undoubtedly in demand. The average Lean Six Sigma graduate makes USD 82,000.00 per year, as reported by the company, Indeed. Google it and check out for yourself. That's how you know your investment in this Course is worth more than you can imagine!


This course consists of three (3) videos that come with excellent audio-visual demonstrations with high-quality professional narrations. The concepts are explained with easy to understand practical examples. You can download the course material.

After you complete the course, you will have the opportunity to become a "Certified Lean Six Sigma White Belt Professional." There will be one online (paid) test for certification. You will have 5 attempts to clear this test. The questions will be based on the course material that is provided to you as part of this course. 

NOTE: This additional cost for certification is due to state and country testing that cannot be done via Udemy. You will get more details about the price and the certification procedure in the last (Bonus) lecture.

Who this course is for:
  • Any working professional or student
  • Business students
  • Engineers
  • Medical administrators
  • Plant managers
  • MBAs
  • Operations managers
  • Marketing professionals
  • IT professionals
  • Quality Auditors & General Auditors
  • Military and defense
  • Quality Managers
  • (Aspiring) general managers
  • (Aspiring) managers who want to increase their employability
  • Business Managers who want to understand what numbers are telling
  • Supervisors, Managers, and professionals who want to implement the Six Sigma process within an organization.
  • Professionals from industries such as Information Technology, Banking & Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail Distribution, & Education
  • Functional experts from Operations, Quality, Business Excellence, Customer Service, Finance, Engineering, Sales Operations & HR
  • Final year MBA/Engineering students who wish to differentiate themselves in Job Market
  • Directors, quality managers, and supervisors who are interested in leadership opportunities.
  • Lean Six Sigma White Belts

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