SQL Foundations for Beginners
SQL Foundations for Beginners

This course helps you assimilate the subjects in a way you ought to be able to comprehend and design the schema, and covers the topics related to database design and design.
SQL is important for you to gain familiarity with the language if you’re an IT aspirant and is an integral portion of the majority of software projects.
It covers the features of the language and explains them through easy to comprehend examples and simplified. It contains DDL, DML and Query command together with hints about the other features. Core focus and their approach will be on the table design and describing the features like query and join together so that you can design complicated queries.
It includes SQL scripts linked to the section that is meant to assist by way of executing the scripts educated in the 32, pupils expedite the learning.
Who this course is for:
  • If you are a newbie to SQL and looking forward to understanding it through step by step approach or you would like to finetune your SQL foundations, this course is apt for you.
  • It is NOT for you if you are familiar with SQL and looking for advanced topics.
You should have the environment set up on your system and will need to download and install MySQL or SQL Server. For users that are a general community, variants are available for the products which are free.
What you’ll learn
  • Understand how to design the database schema.
  • Learn SQL commands along with key insights about the logic behind the command.
  • Design queries, apply aggregations and combine information from multiple tables.

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