100% FREE Python Bootcamp 2019 Build 15 working Applications and Games
100% FREE Python Bootcamp 2019 Build 15 working Applications and Games

Description :
In this course, you will learn all the on you will need for being a python developer. After that in the t section, you’ll learn all the fundamentals of operators, loops, conditionals, python-like data-types, file-handling, time-date, libraries and also a lot. Additionally, you will apply all you have torn in section-1 on working programs and games. You will start by learning the way to have your very best editor to work with.
The second section is in which you may learn what’s data science and how things operate in that about data-visualization, and you’ll learn libraries such as badly, seaborn, pandas, Matplotlib and cufflinks for data analysis, numpy for pandas and information visualization. For real-world data, You’ll also learn geo-plotting. In addition, you may build a number of even plots and beautiful plots to practice your abilities. We will move to the project component of section-2 in which you will learn to create base maps, plotter and investigation projects that actually analyze more than 60 million data.
The third section is all about the user and the graphical interface. In which you will learn that the applications are created, you will learn to build Windows applications, then you are going to learn about the foundation that how you where to shop and can save your app data. Following that, we’ll move to a notion of the graphics where you will find out how to make moving things that are the picture. Hen this section is filled with projects with actually working database applications and matches. Also, learn how to use keys to maneuver your objects in applications and in games.
What you will learn :
  • Complete Python.
  • Terminal based programming applications using Python.
  • Artificial intelligent Python game.
  • Python for desktop applications and GUI programming.
  • Creating desktop applications using Tkinter with Python.
  • Using databases using Python.
  • Turtle graphics for creating graphical applications and motion using Python.
  • Real working 5+ graphical games using Python.
  • Python principles like data-types, loops, decision-making, document management, libraries, modules, date-times, etc..
  • Use of keyboard keys to move objects in your applications and in games using python.
  • learn to build smart calculators and dictionaries using python.
  • Data science and data visualization using python.
  • data visualization using Matplotlib in python.
  • data visualization using Seaborn in python.
  • data visualization using pandas in python.
  • data visualization using poorly and cufflinks in python.
  • data analysis using Numpy and pandas in python.
  • plotting using python.
  • learn to build an automatic plotter for data visualization.
  • learn to build big data analysis projects with more than 60million + data using python.
  • basemaps using python.
This course is for :
  • Everyone who wants’s to learn python.

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