Advanced Databases and SQL Querying
Advanced Databases and SQL Querying

Description :
If you trying to enhancing your database knowledge and apply in your projects or looking for your database job, this is the path for you.
This program is an advanced TSQL Querying course. The course anticipates that pupil is already aware of basic database concepts and so are comfortable writing basic TSQL queries like SELECT, JOINS, etc.. Students are expected to have taken my past class (Introduction to databases and Querying). The TSQL Scripts for all demos are all uploaded. The course for about two hours and has assignments at the conclusion of each concept.
Who this course is for:
  • This SQL class is intended for those that have some expertise in writing code. If you’re a newbie, I suggest watching my preceding class titled”Introduction to databases and Querying”. This class covers advanced topics such as views, triggers, dynamic queries, pivots, etc.. This program isn’t for you if you’re a beginner.
  • Individuals should have worked using the SQL server and understand how to query with direction studio. All videos are listed in Windows OS. You may, however, follow this class on MAC/Linux, in case you’ve got a Win VM installation they ought to have the ability to set up their databases and surroundings.
  • Has to be comfortable writing TSQL code and has to know standard syntax such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, etc..
  • If You’re a complete newbie, please see my previous class titled”Intro to Databases and Querying”
What you’ll learn
  • Write complex TSQL queries.
  • Know the different TSQL functionalities that exist
  • Write more efficient TSQL code

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