Build CRUD Application – PHP & Mysql
Build CRUD Application – PHP & Mysql

Description :
Learning this theory can help you to better understand how to make a registration platform in PHP, and it can allow you to allow your users to interact with information if you construction users based site, such as Udemy where users have the capability to upgrade their information or upload their own pictures.
Welcome to the free course on How Best to construct program using Mysql & PHP,
Within this course, we will build a todo list program which will help us comprehend actions performed
You will learn the program, also stands for Create – Read – Update – Delete’s Idea,
Join us.
We are going to construct a database and interact with it, we will use bootstrap.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner web developer
  • Beginner web designer
  • Anyone interested in web development
  • Basic PHP
  • Basic HTML
What you’ll learn
  • Interact with Mysql database
  • the Concept of CRUD actions
  • how to send and retrieve data
  • Build any kinds of app that interact with the database

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