Create MLM Multi Level Marketing Website with WordPress

Multi Level Marketing Website in WordPress With Binary MLM , Forced Matrix and Unilevel MLM
In this class you will learn how to create MLM website that’s also called as network marketing and referral marketing, is a promotion strategy for the sale of merchandise or services where the revenue of this MLM company comes from a non-salaried workforce promoting the organization’s products/services.
You will be able to create you Chain system for affiliate / members
this system will allow you to create improve your sales organically and market your merchandise mechanically
create generorgy tree of mlm plans and much more with this course and plugin!
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
What you will learn
  • Create MLM – Multi Level Marketing – website with WordPress
  • Create Affiliate Website in WordPress
  • Configure MLM With Different Plans like Binary , Forced Matrix and Unilevel MLM
  • Using Ultimate Affiliate Pro Plugin
  • Using Plugin for Backend and Frontend
  • Referral Pages and Checkout Customization for members
Who this course is for:
  • Everyone who want to drive double the traffic to their site and make money
  • Everyone Who wants to make MLM Chain System in WordPress for Employees

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