Introduction to SQL Using TeamSQL
Introduction to SQL Using TeamSQL

Description :
In this program, we’ll cover the principles of working with TeamSQL being used by SQL. Following a quick intro on the best way best to use TeamSQL, that’s the information management tool we will use for this particular program, we’ll cover basic questions, such as how to filter and return information, SQL joins, and composing complex queries (like operators and subqueries). We will cover the fundamentals of information table administration. We finish this course with a policy of the attributes of TeamSQL which are intended to help handle your information. These attributes include working information, with snippets table arrangement previews, grid filtering, and information out of TeamSQL.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants a crash course in SQL.
  • You should have some basic exposure to relational databases/database management.
What you’ll learn :
  • Query databases using TeamSQL
  • Manage their SQL tables and data

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