Introduction to Unity 2D Physics
Introduction to Unity 2D Physics

Description :
How to create physics based video games using Unity.
During the course we are going to create a lot of different games:
  • Constant Velocity: A game based on working with the rigidbody velocity;
  • Accelleration: A game based on the movement trought an accelleration system;
  • Movement 2D: A catch the point game based on the previous game but in the complete 2D space;
  • Basket: A game based on throwing a ball inside a basket;
  • Planets: A simulation of planets orbits;
  • Billiard: A billiard based on the interaction between balls;
  • Car: A simple introduction on the wheel 2D joint.
The course is project-based as I believe this is the best way to learn programming.
Who this course is for:
  • Game developers that want to make better physics based game
Requirements :
  • Basic understanding of unity coding and C#
What you will learn :
  • game physics
  • unity physics
  • unity

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