PHP For WordPress Development
PHP For WordPress Development

Description :
This training course is very good for getting you began using PHP if you would like to find out more about WordPress however you don’t have any PHP experience. As we will not discuss this in detail, HTML and CSS experience is wonderful to have.
This step-by-step class will teach you how you can use PHP to get WordPress. Whenever you’re finished with the class you’ll have the ability to begin learning how to operate with Plugins and Themes inside the WordPress atmosphere.
In this class, we’ll take you through all simple PHP components which are widely utilized in WordPress. Like conditional statements, functions, loops and basic PHP syntax. This training course is not designed for learning you what PHP has to offer you. This class provides you with a basic to keep on working on developing even a motif or a plugin. Don’t be afraid to contact me should you have some queries. If you aren’t delighted with the content, then you can request a 100% refund, no questions asked.
For this course, you will need a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. 
Who this course is for:
This program is intended for men and women that wish to begin learning more or need to write their own plugins and topics. This course describes the used PHP that will assist you begin.
  • You should be familiar with HTML and CSS
  • You should know your way around WordPress
What you’ll learn
  • Write PHP that is commonly used in WordPress
  • Get started with creating their own plugins or themes
  • Go further with more in depth courses on how to build plugins and themes

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