Project Based SQL Course: Code like a SQL Programmer
Project Based SQL Course: Code like a SQL Programmer

Description :
No longer watching other people do SQL with no context or practice problems! This class was developed to give you experience really working on SQL problems, ensuring that you learn all the skills necessary to propel your programming careers.
This was my experience once I was studying SQL myself: I discovered plenty of places that would explain to you how you can write basic SQL statements, but barely everywhere when it came to finding areas that would reveal me actual databases and fitting projects to practice these skills.
After working for many years as a developer, I chose this class to provide students a place to mimic the work environment by assigning jobs that will examine your creativity and SQL knowledge learned throughout the program and producing a database.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner SQL users
  • Intermediate SQL users
  • None! If you have access to a computer then you’re ready to learn SQL
What you’ll learn
  • SQL
  • SQL Server
  • Database Management

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