SQL: The Hitch Hikers Guide To Writing SQL Queries
SQL: The Hitch Hikers Guide To Writing SQL Queries

So that you get to understand SQL 18, I shall describe everything steps by step and in detail.
All scripts and data are contained (for downloading ) from the path so you are able to control what I teach and much more.
Welcome, this is a SQL class that I’m confident that you will finish and gain a good deal from.
The training course is targeted at Beginners.
It covers all of the bases that you get up to speed until you advance to SQL with writing SQL.
The course employs SQLServer 2014 state, and most of us know SQL Server along with the tens of thousands of businesses that utilize its prevalence.
You can contact me in the Q&A sections if you have any questions.
Data Analyst and SQL Developer 
Qld, Australia
  • No prior knowledge required
  • A Windows PC or (virtual box running Windows e.g. on a Mac) as you will want to code/modify the sample queries
  • This course is taught using SQLServer 2014 Express which is free from Microsoft (and later versions e.g 2016 Express can be used)
  • Only have a Mac? You can use Virtual Box, Windows Server Trial edition and SQL 2014 express or later.
What you’ll learn
  • Proficiency in Table Join queries
  • A complete understanding of the structure of a SQL query
  • How to write aggregation based queries
  • Prepared and ready to learn more advanced SQL query techniques for data analysis and discovery
  • How to do backups and restores
  • Import raw data ready for analysis

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