Unity 3D – Create a Reusable UI System
Unity 3D – Create a Reusable UI System

Description :
Have you had some experience with placing the inside of Unity of UI? Would you like to understand how to produce a set of scripts which you can re-use between each project? Then this course is for you!
Throughout each of the lectures we concentrate on how we can build a re-usable UI System. One in which you modify and are able to extend to your job needs.
We build the elements to make a UI system for Unity 2017 and will walk through step by step! You will have a re-usable UI method that is basic to utilize for any unity project. Plus you get source code.
Thing is, its free!
Who this course is for:
  • A beginner Unity Programmer Trying to make their code more reusable
  • Anyone who needs a Modular UI Method to build UI’s for games in Unity
  • A unity User Trying to know more about efficient UI development practices
Requirements :
  • You should be comfirtable creating Unity UI Elements
  • You must have some experience with Unity and Unity C#
  • A desire to look at ways in which to make your code more reusable
What you will learn :
  • You will learn how to build a reusable UI System in C# and Unity 2017
  • You will understand how to create reusable animations with Mechanim
  • Understand why and how to set up a good UI grouping structure

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