Learn Level Design: Unity Basics in Under 2 Hours
Learn Level Design: Unity Basics in Under 2 Hours

Description :
Learn the tools needed to create your very own level/scene in Unity, and give it a feeling of realism!
Take your first steps in the Unity software!
  • Learn the basic interface of Unity
  • Learn how to navigate the interface of Unity
  • Learn how to add assets into your scene
  • Learn how to create a beautiful 3D environment using Unity’s built-in terrain tools
  • Make your scene come to life by adding a first-person character and realistic scene
Alleviate the burden of learning a game engine.
Starting in Unity may be difficult, and frequently times overwhelming. From the interface to developing a terrain, to incorporating versions, there’s much to learn before you can begin any endeavor. As soon as you understand the basics, But, Unity is a piece of software, and you can create anything in only a couple of hours of studying the program! Unity is great for a piece of software employed by many to create games and novices. This course will force you to feel confident in using Unity as a newcomer.
Course Overview :
This class will cover the basics for those that have never used the Unity software. By taking this course, students will feel a lot more comfortable with the software. The concepts will make it possible for you to create.
At the conclusion of this program, you should have the confidence to go along with further your understanding as well as create some 3D scenes inside. This class was designed so in under two hours you should be able to create a scene in Unity!
Who this course is for:
  • This course is for those who want to learn the basics of the Unity software
  • This course is for those who have never used Unity before
  • This course is for those who want to learn the basics of game making in Unity
Requirements :
  • Students should install Unity
  • Students should be able to navigate a computer
What you’ll learn :
  • Ability to create scenes in the Unity game engine
  • Skills needed to work with the Unity Inteface, Prefabs, Components, and Character Controller
  • Ability to create 3D environments using the Unity game engine
  • Ability to import assets into Unity for use in your scenes

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